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Crepe Crew is an experimental marketing and catering solution. We own a fleet of promotional vehicles that we wrap in eye catching graphics to promote a company, new product launch or high profile event. These events create an exciting experience where traditional advertising is updated for today's generation. 


We provide free food giveaways like ice cream, coffee and other tasty treats which attract huge crowds. It's a great way to spread your company message across social media, gain valuable customer leads, expose your brand to a new audience or show appreciation to your existing client base. 


Fortune 500 companies have trusted our company to promote their brand and products. Our successful track record enabled us execute over 50 branded promotional events for companies like Warner Brothers, Katy Perry, IHeart Media, New Era Cap, Modell's Sporting Goods, Tommy Bahama, Grand Cayman Islands, Air France, Santander Bank, Fox TV, The HUB Network, and many more.

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